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Deferum 160 000 m3 per day

We have recommendations from the company "Coca-Cola", "Ministry of municipal facilities of Ukraine", customers, partners and licensees from different countries of the world.

Our Licensees make the equipment for water treating in Canada, USA, Australia, Holland, Belarus, New Zeland. Also: in Russia and Ukraine

There is a permanent exhibition in St-Petersburg (st.Vosstaniya 35)

We are interested in contacts with customers, new partners and licensees

Our opportunities:

• sale of licenses: "transfer of a know-how"
• technical consultations (design, manufacture, start-up, etc.)
• manufacturing of equipment and plants for purifying water
• modifications to existing water treatment systems
• after-sales service

We suggest:

Hydroautomatic gravity filters and equipment (self-backwashing systems for purification of water)
Application: For purification of subsurface water, of surface water, of storm water, of industrial water, etc.
E.g: artesian water (iron, manganese, stabilization, decolouration) potable water.
River water. Technical water. Closed water cycle. Water-preparation. Precleaning. Polishing of water

Hydroautomatic biofilters, bioreactors, biooxidizers and utilitiesfor full biological waste water treatment
Application: the enterprise, city, settlement, sanatorium, milk factory, cheese factory, factory for sale of water, etc.

Aerators, degasifiers,
Application: For aeration, degassing and non-chemical increase pH of water. For increase of redox-potential of water. For increase of concentration of oxygen in water

Deferum-12: apply in cottages, in hotels, at the enterprises, and also for other owners of artesian bores, in the most different conditions.

Sale of licenses: "Transfer of a know-how"

• Individual water treatment and stations.
Application: Technical and technological reconstruction of water treatment systems of small and average cities

The note: return of the investments and profit - from essential decrease of the cost price of water treating, concerning other alternatives.

If necessary for customer: filters and installations can be quickly made in any city. Here is required only four materials: sheet metal, pipes, mesh, floating filtering media

Our installations unusual and favourably differ from alternative installations, . really have rather low capital and operational expenses for water treating because they can usually work: without a building, without the constant operator, without reagents, without overhaul, without a complicated electronics engineering, without spare parts - reliably and for a long time

We can show practical work of water treatment of equipment.

The state recommendation: here

We have worked for more than 18 years in order to be able to offer, the technologies and equipment to the customers

The best here:

Our strategy: integration of opportunities of our Licensees and (or) local General contractors for joint business, in the different countries of the world.

Local manufacturing of the big filters DEFERUM ; BIOREM ; REMPLANT ; etc. 

We are ready for professional negotiations and we appreciate not only our time but yours too.

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January 2014. Sale of water for a urbanised area. Investments, deliver of water-purifying installations, in 40-foot containers
January 2014. Sale of water for a urbanised area. Investments, deliver of water-purifying installations, in 40-foot containers
August 2013. Typical Plant for clearing of artesian or river water.
Hydroautomatic self-cleared installation Deferum 10,000 m3 per day (1835 gpm.)
October 2012. New design of water-purifying Plant for cities

Deferum 7500 m3/day (1380 gpm). Reagent free & Green technology without sewage

September 2011. Serial automatic and unusual installation Deferum-05
Convenient cleaning of artesian water in the house, in a cottage, in settlement

August 2008 Concrete Gravity Flow System DEFERUM 160 000 m³ per day
Power inputs of water treatment = 0.0 KWHr
January 2007
The new licensee of Deferum, in New Zealand
December 2006
Deferum 4000 m3/day (4000 m3 / day) in the Lvov area of Ukraine
In January 2006;
have been started: manufacturing and sales of "DEFERUM", in the Canada
In December, 2005;
in the Tyumen region of Russia, serial "DEFERUM" 1000 m3/day - a made of polypropylene, has been handed over in operation
november 2005;
Launch of manufacture of the licensed systems of "BIOREM" systems, in the Netherlands
March 2004;
Launch of manufacturing and sale of the licensed systems of "DEFFERUM" systems, in Australia
August 2003;
British and US patent for Remplant is granted
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